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Company details:

Harpenden Wing Chun Kung Fu

Company:Harpenden Wing Chun Kung Fu
Address:School Bungalow Roundwood park
Secondary school
al5 3ae
Contact:Tim stanbridge
Profile:Welcome to Harpenden Wing Chun, we are a small friendly club. That is based in Hertfordshire we train the Wong Shun Leung style of wing chun, Under our experienced instructor Steve O'Neil who founded the club in 2003. Wing Chun is a close combat fighting art, one of the most simple, direct and efficient forms of Kung Fu. An outstanding art, benefiting both health and fitness. As well as teaching one how to deal with stress and fear, diffuse violence and improve your self-potential. Wing Chun Kung fu, is a form of Southern Chinese boxing developed by a Buddhist nun (Ng Mui). Ng Mui trained in or near the Shaolin temple in northern China, the home of many of the Chinese martial arts. Nun Mui moved home to the province of Fujan in southern China where she taught a system of self defence to a young lady by the name of "Yim Wing Chun". Wing Chun is a close range,effective self defence system that's emphasis is on touch and technique rather than strength or power. It is a fast road to self defence, made famous by the late, great, Bruce Lee.Wing Chun's original system was based on 3 empty hand forms:
Category:martial arts tuition
Area scope:hertfordshire

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